About Us

McClintock Electric, Inc.


McClintock Electric, Inc. was founded by Ralph McClintock as “RD McClintock Electrical Contractor”.  Already an accomplished journeyman electrician, Ralph also had an entrepreneurial spirit that motivated him to try his hand at owning and operating an electrical contracting business.  So in 1963, armed with a station wagon, a Sears Drill and a lot of ambition, a business was born.  Ralph’s first employee was a young teenager by the name of Larry Still who ended up staying with the company his entire career until retirement at the age of 62!

Focusing primarily on residential and some light commercial work, Ralph was able to manage his business out of his garage and a neighbor’s chicken coop until 1968, when he made a move to the current location at 402 East Henry Street.  By that time Ralph had grown his business to include a small fleet of service vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art radio communication units.  He also had retained his sister, Glenna Mast, as his bookkeeper-a role that she held for over 30 years.


During the subsequent years, business was good for Ralph.  His reputation for doing quality work at a fair price allowed him to gain new clients and keep his company growing.

As Ralph’s business was growing, so was his family.  Four children were born between 1957 and 1961.  The second oldest child, Michael, was born in 1958 and at a very early age determined he wanted to be involved in the family business.  At age 5 he was helping his father load the service van with material and by age 8 he was helping his father wire houses.  This was of course long before Child Labor Laws were strictly enforced!

Michael officially joined the company full time in 1977 only taking enough time off to earn an Associate’s Degree in Electronic Technology from the University of Akron in 1982.

In 1986 the company was incorporated and officially became McClintock Electric, Inc.  By this time Michael had spent close to 10 years in the field as a journeyman electrician and was looking forward to becoming the next generation owner.


In 1993 that desire became a reality as Michael purchased the company from his father.  Taking what his father had already established, Michael ventured into disciplines that at the time were not the norm for traditional electrical contractors.  The World Wide Web was in its early stages and the information needed a stable “highway” to travel on.  That highway was comprised of both copper and fiber optic cabling systems and McClintock Electric, Inc. soon gained recognition as a contractor who had the expertise needed to install those systems.  The ensuing years saw rapid growth as the company expanded from 6 employees to an average of 35 employees.  A technology division was created to handle the additional work and to also keep pace with the rapidly changing technologies that were emerging.  Along the way, Michael also acquired a small Telco company that further broadened their offerings as a dealer for Samsung phone systems.

Today, after 50 years of business, McClintock Electric, Inc. is poised to continue providing the quality service and craftsmanship that has kept it a growing, viable company for over half a century.  The slogan, “One Company-Many Solutions” exemplifies the commitment and abilities to current and future clients to help maximize their investment in their electrical and technology systems.  Additionally, McClintock Electric, Inc. will help its customers navigate the increasingly complex decisions that need made when a client decides to make improvements or changes to the myriad types of electrical, communication, networking, security, fire alarm, card access and other systems they support.