Access Control Systems

In our current economy, no matter what your budget is, companies still have a need to secure and protect their assets. In today's economic climate, businesses are looking for cost effective and reliable methods of securing their facilities and keeping their employees safe. If you are looking for a solution as simple as an electronic locking systems or as complex as a tiered access code system, McClintock Electric can provide you with a solution that meets and exceeds your access security needs. Why are an increasing number of customers turning to access control systems?

  • Leverage existing network infrastructures. When was the last time that you entered a business that didn't have an IT network already established?
  • Installations can be done one door at a time offering greater flexibility and lower initial investment. Why buy an expensive 8 door panel when you only need to secure 5 doors?
  • PoE power dramatically reduces the wiring requirements and lowers overall installation costs with minimal interruption.
  • Out of the box integration with industry leading VMS/NVR platforms offers greater value.
  • Reuse of existing readers and locking mechanisms keeps costs low in retrofit facilities.

McClintock Electric, Inc. can orchestrate your system to meet your specific needs such as: Individual access codes, Access tracking (who enters where with what code, at what time), Email notifications, Access code management (onsite, at home, on vacation), Door and Garage door security, Remote Accessibility, and Keypad, card, or fob systems.

Our Process: 

McClintock Electric approaches each project with a proven four-step process;

Evaluation, Quotation, Implementation and Training.

During the evaluation phase, we will meet with you and ask questions about your access-control needs and what you are looking to accomplish with a new system.  We will design your system around your needs, not around the industries latest trends.  This process allows you to be involved through each phase of the design.  After establishing your needs and designing the system, we will provide you with a quotation detailing system components and scope of work.

Upon approval of your access quotation, we will begin step three-deployment.  During this step of the project, we will configure and install your new access-control system on your time frame.  Following the implementation, we will train the appropriate staff on the system.  Once training has been completed, McClintock will be available for on-going maintenance and support, including on-line support, service contracts, and phone assistance.