McClintock Electric has been serving communities for 57 years and it is the community’s support of local business that has helped McClintock grow as a business alongside of the areas we service. Even In these troubled and very trying times, McClintock would like to continue to give back by helping out people in need as best we can. We have a unique opportunity during this “stay at home” order since we are a trade that is allowed to continue working. It is for this very reason that McClintock Electric feels compelled to make better use of the exemption by helping those in need.

There are several ways we envision helping ease people’s mind and burden amid the spread of, not only COVID-19, but other viruses that are prevalent this time of year.

McClintock Electric would like to help the people in our community that are “higher risk” due to age, existing health conditions, and/or disabled by offering simple pick-ups and deliveries of URGENT essentials free of charge. This could be anything from a prescription at their local pharmacy to pre-ordered/paid grocery items that they are low on. We feel that this can go a long way to aid in our current battle against further spreading these dangerous bugs.

Also, we know there will be electrical emergencies and we will remain on call as usual. What we also know is that many people are,  or will be, without income due to the “lockdown” but will still need services. What we will be doing, at least for the next several weeks as we are “locked down”, is offering discounted rates and even deferred financing, for those that need it. We want to be there in the event of a life threatening emergency and give our customer peace of mind.


For more information, to schedule service or if you need have an urgent pickup/delivery need please contact the following:

Wooster Area – 330-264-6380

Columbus Area – 614-504-2909