Mike McClintock has been working in the family business for 52 years, nearly all of his life. His father, Ralph, started McClintock Electric in their garage along Oak Hill Road when he was five, and he has been helping out with the company ever since.

McClintock purchased the company from his father in 1995. While some things have changed over the years (like in the technology area), others have remained the same, like a commitment to McClintock Electric’s clients, its staff and the community.

At the time, McClintock thought he was buying a good, small company that could take care of his family and grow a little bit. There were six electricians on staff and one office worker who took care of all of the administrative functions, whether it was managing the office or taking care of human resources.

“I didn’t have a business plan” to grow the business by a certain percentage every year, McClintock said. “I just enjoyed the trade. My dad didn’t push (the business) on me.”

Twenty years later, McClintock has a staff of more than 50 people who work on the electrical side, whether it is residential, commercial or industrial; the technology side, with voice-over-Internet protocol telephone systems, security camera systems; electronic door access systems and network infrastructure systems; and a more robust administrative staff in the office.

The scope of work has grown over the past two decades, as has the business mix. When McClintock purchased the company, it did about 90 percent electrical work and 10 percent technology work. Today, it is about 70 percent electrical and 30 percent technology.

Despite this change, “The company is similar to the one I bought 20 years ago,” McClintock said. “It’s not afraid to adapt, make changes, embrace changes and take on a challenge.”

After McClintock became the owner, he purchased a small phone systems company, and part of what it did was to build structured cable systems for computer networks.

“I wasn’t a visionary, but that was the beginning of when we started to expand,” McClintock said. “The technology side was complementary to the electric side.”

That was also the beginning of when McClintock Electric became “one company with many solutions.”

Much of the electrical work is related to the amount of new construction. But, construction has its peaks and valleys. The technology side of the business has helped to smooth out those highs and lows, McClintock said.

Moving forward,McClintock Electric will continue to be a strong, vibrant company that will support the families that work for the company, the clients who rely on its experts for business solutions and the community in which it works, McClintock said. “I have a strong belief you have to give back to the community.

“We are blessed to be doing large projects right here in our neighborhood.”

Since taking over the company, McClintock said he is just trying to do what is right.

“Longevity in business doesn’t happen by accident,” he said. “It happens by treating your employees and clients with respect and honesty coupled with quality craftsmanship and service. It’s really that simple.”

For more information about the company, whether for electrical services, business communications solutions or how to conserve electricity, call 330-264-6380 or visit www.mcclintockelectric.com.