The WiseNetIII features the most advanced functions from Samsung with 1.3 megapixel and 2 megapixel cameras for high definition images.  Designed to meet the market needs, WiseNetIII cameras will be the standard product for the professional security systems.

Hawk by day, Owl by night, WiseNetIII cameras have been designed to be compatible with existing Samsung Techwin mobile, storage and camera monitoring software.

Features of WiseNetIII cameras:
Defog – Defog can be used to help improve the captured image in poor weather conditions such as smog, fog, or smoke.  The visibility of the camera can be enhanced in any weather condition.

2MP WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) – The WDR function built into the WiseNetIII series provides 30fps of 2MP enhanced picture quality, by reducing motion blur and processing clearer images.  While working with a contrast ratio of approximately 100dB the WDR feature accurately reproduces the detail of the images in scenes that simultaneously contain very bright and very dark areas.

60fps (Frames Per Second) – From Samsung Techwin’s powerful WiseNetIII encoding technology, the cameras have an ultra-fast framerate of 60fps at 2 megapixel 1080p resolution, this results in latency free clear images.  It is possible to utilize this framerate in multiple ways.  For example, using 60fps at 2 megapixel 1080p resolution, can be particularly beneficial when viewing moving objects to ensure that any edges are kept sharp and clear.  By dividing the framerate between the NVR and PC monitoring, users can both record and monitor the scene at real-time.

Low Light – WiseNetIII range cameras incorporate with SSLE, Samsung Super Light Enhancer technology, which produce great color images in low light condition.  With SSLE, even under low light conditions such as at night users can monitor the scene in 2 megapixel, so that there is little chance of any movement in dark areas being missed.

Enhanced DIS (Digital Image Stabilization) – Previously only seen in analog CCDs, Samsung’s new WiseNetIII CMOS sensor now incorporates Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) technology, this negates the effects of a camera shaking due to high wind or building vibration.  DIS also greatly reduces the rolling effect such as image wobble or skew that can often be seen in high quality images.  With enhanced DIS technology, the problems of monitoring using a camera installed on a pole or in windy conditions can be reduced.  This also assists in the capture/detection of fast moving car number plates.

P-Iris – The WiseNetIII box cameras supports the P-Iris system, which optimizes the iris function when multiple lighting conditions exist in a single scene, this results in images with better contrast, clarity, resolution and depth of field.  The optimization of the resolution at both the center and corner of the image, as well as the depth of field and shutter speed, provide increased image sharpness especially effective in megapixel cameras such as the WiseNetIII series.

Advanced Motion Detection – Motion detection technology built-into WiseNetIII greatly reduced the false alarm rate and greatly improved the efficiency of the operators, by learning what is the normal motion of the scene it can ignore it, such as waves in the sea or the leaf movement of trees.

Efficient Bandwidth Utilization – By applying an advanced compression technology, the WiseNetIII network cameras streaming performance is greatly enhanced.  The cameras can process the data streaming using 30% of the network bandwidth of other products.  Because of this improved bandwidth technology, seamless image transfer is possible even when there is limited network bandwidth available, with the additional benefit is improved storage efficiency.

SSNR – Useful in low light condition, this technology eliminates image noise in low light conditions without creating image blur or ghosting.  The technology works in color and monochrome modes, greatly enhancing low light color operation.

“Samsung’s innovative WiseNetIII imaging technology delivers performance advantages that increase performance and deliver greater value for mainstream imaging applications,” said Frank De Fina, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Samsung Techwin America. “These latest additions to our portfolio of iPOLIS cameras will further accelerate the deployment of megapixel cameras by alleviating prior concerns about bandwidth utilization without sacrificing performance.”